Scam report about Nana Winfrey

First name:  Nana
Last name:  Winfrey
Age:  30
Location:  Ghana
Phone:  011233242543478
Report:  Two days ago I had my profile on and was winked at on the site by skygal400. I went and checked out her profile and it seemed to be about a 90% match to mine. The profile said she was from Billings Montana, was 30 years old (I am 45) and was looking for men from 34-55. All the grammar and punctuation in the profile looked correct. The photo she posted looked nice. I though it a bit strange that someone from Montana would be looking to date someone from Virginia but ignored it at the moment. She sent me an IM and we talked a bit. She let me know it was her first day on the site and she was a bit new to this. I told her I just got on the site the day before. As we talked back and forth it was just like she was saying everything I wanted to hear. Not knowing if she was real or fake, I kept chatting with her to find out more about her. I kept all my comments honest in the event she was real but gave her no real significant info about me. During the conversation she did mention she was from Ghana but never left the country. I thought that was very strange to have a profile from Billings if she was from Ghana but I continued a bit. As we talked I noted that her English and punctuation and capitalization were not at the same level as the write up in her profile and again thought that was strange. I asked her and she told me her friend from Montana helped her make it since she was not that adept at navigating the site. I thought that perhaps if that was true that could explain the difference. I still thought it a strange coincidence that someone could just get on line and immediately find me and want the exact same things I do. Once I told I was interested in getting to know more about her it seemed like she was set on me and forgot about everyone else. Once again, I thought that was odd. Unknown to me at the time, she also went and deleted her profile. She asked if I had Yahoo Messenger and I told her no. She said if I had it we could use that instead of the site. I told her I would try to download it later. She said fine but until then we could email from our own accounts. I said sure and gave her my Yahoo account address that I use for superfluous things such as this. She seemed happy about it and immediately sent me an email with two photos and let me know she sent it. I opened the email and in the photos she was gorgeous. Once again I thought this was too good to be true that a beautiful woman who wanted everything I did was already to be close friends after chatting for only 15 minutes. We emailed some more and I said I needed to go. She asked for my cell number so she could text me her number and then the next day when I wanted to chat again, I could test her and tell her to get on chat. I said sure and gave her the number. Yesterday I was looking for info about Ghana and found this site. While she did not do everything listed on the list of scam items, many things were the same and I became a bit more suspicious. We talked again yesterday as well and still, she seems EXACTLY what I am looking for and wants to continuous our relationship. I also notice that it takes her a long time to respond. Im not certain if she is typing my text into a translator before answering or not but there is always a very long pause before answers. I'm just not convinced she is real and hope you can check it out. I have copies of the following items if you want them: Photos she emailed me (JPG) Copies of the emails from April 24th (MS Word) Copies of the chat sessions from April 24th and 25th (MS Word) A partial of her profile before it was deleted (MS Word) with a copy of the text she sent me with her number.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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