Scam report about Pearl Anderson Anderson

First name:  Pearl Anderson
Last name:  Anderson
Age:  32 years old
Location:  Negeria afkomst amerikaan
Phone:  002348061239581
Email:  (
On websites:  yahoo en msn
Report:  hello this girl stool money from me about 280,00 euro,s after that sche asked me more mone,but i was telling here i dont have any more,sche even send ticked and pasport scan to me and id and i was belive here,becaus i thouth she wase comming fore real,but after that sche alway,s asking me money,and sche told me that the agence needed 600,00 euro,s more,and sche even let the agence cal me to say that it is treu story,but afer that i did not belive it any more,so what can i do about this becaus i have all the proof frome here whit me on mine internet side,realy i want mine money back from here sche is living in negeria som where,by the way i have olso naked fhoto,s from here and all of that kind

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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