Scam report about hale pitchers

First name:  hale
Last name:  pitchers
Age:  37
Location:  bradford, england
Address:  68 w. pullam ave. bd3 bradford, england
Phone:  447011129023
On websites:
Report:  I seen her profile on back in december of 2011. She contacted me and said she seen me on which was a lie. I was never on that website. We corresponded for 3 months. She said she lived in bradford england. Also said she owned her fathers business after he died 5 yrs ago. Said she was trying to sell the business so she could come to the states and live with me. The business name was HalenPitch Within a month she ask me to help her with money for dr. visit because of bleeding problems from menstrual period. I sent her $100. Said it only paid for her medicine and not for visit to dr office. Within another 3 weeks, she would ask for more money. The next time was also for the visit to dr office because she felt really bad. I did not send her anymore money. We went from chatting 3 to 4 times a week down to once a week or once every 10 days.Because she said I was always doing detective work on her she finally just quit contacting me. I continued trying to contact her and we argued for about 1 month. I did tell her that I traced her IP address to nigeria. She denied liviing in nigeria. Said she lived in bradford, england and had never been to nigeria. After alot of name calling we quit contactiing each other basically because she knew I was not going to send her anymore money.One thiing that continued to bring up to her was that she lied alot. Alot of things, I caught her lieing to me.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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