Scam report about ama kokoli

First name:  ama
Last name:  kokoli
Aka:  ama kokoli
Age:  33
Location:  Ghana, Acre
Phone:  +233270342008
On websites:
Report:  Wel she is also reported as maig. She called her now by her name Kokoli. She told me almost the same story, but her father wasn't from Thailand, but from India and her mother from Ghana. When she asked to use mine webcam, i saw a blond girl, i saw also when the answers came from her, that she didn't type on her computer, she couldn't see what i was typing. I heard voices from the computer you didn't see. When i asked to send some pictures, she didn't had a digital camera to make photo's and she has to go to someone who had one, she could be gone for one hour. I saw the blond girl leave the room, but on the otherside of the webcam i could here the voices of a woman and 2 men. She did send me a text messege, that she couldn't have a digital camera, when i send back a text messege, i could here the phone or mobile phone. She send me back a text messege that she was online, but i saw nobody sit before the webcam, some minutes later the blond girl sit again before the webcam. She asked me to give 100 to buy a digital camera and for the text messeges. When i removed her ID to chat at windows messenger, she tried to cal me 5 times, than she has money to cal me. Be carefull for this girl and guys people, they're scammers.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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