Scam report about Edena or Eliza (uses both) Smith

First name:  Edena or Eliza (uses both)
Last name:  Smith
Aka:  Babbyr, Edena J Smith, Edena G Smith
Age:  20's?
Location:  Philippines, California
On websites:  Yahoo, others unknown
Report:  Started to do a report on this but just now was able to locate the IP addresses ( and My son is still corresponding with this person and sending money at least once a week. There have been multiple transactions totally more than 1,800$ and that is just that I know of in the last month. This began March 17th, she initiated contact through email and they use Yahoo messenger to talk frequently. He is in denial and I have tried to politely confront him. I do not know what to do or how to stop this. I have some financial transaction records as well as correspondence e-mails that I can send to you following your investigation into this report. Thank you

Status of report:  is still without proof

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