Scam report about Lillian Barch

First name:  Lillian
Last name:  Barch
Age:  29
Location:  London England (Westcliff on Sea)
On websites:
Report:  I met Lillian Barch on back in February 2012. We talked several times per day. She told me she was living in London and she seemed like a very good and honest person. About a month and a half into our conversations we started talking about a relationship together, with much thought and looking into her a bit, she showed no warnings signs to be a scammer. She said she had all the money to fly over and meet with me but that she would only need $180 Pnds to get her visa and passport. This didn't seem to be too much to ask for so I sent it. Now the plot thickens and she is only asking for more and refuses to do anything until I send more money. I have recently figured out how to track I.P. addresses and her emails are coming from up north of Skipton U.K. and her last one came from Tampa Florida. I have been suckered.. How do I resolve this?

Status of report:  is still without proof

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