SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Adrienne Alexis

First name: Adrienne
Last name: Alexis
Age: 30
Location: Kumasi Ghana
On websites: skype
Report:     Got invitation in skype. Said she search for a friend and met me. Starts soon with being in love. Wants to become a nurse. Has no profession, is caterer. Sends pictures that you can find on tineye under different names. Wanted to go fast to Yahoo messenger. Webcam works only a minute and fails. She has a very old notebook she says. Can not afford a computer. She wants to come to Holland. Needs a passport as soon as possible. Needs money for going to Accra. I checked her story. Passport only 40 euro, she needs 200. Checked photo on ghana scam. matches with Yallah Lalas. top scammer from Ghana.
Status of report: is still without proof