Scam report about Mariya Zahodaeva

First name:  Mariya
Last name:  Zahodaeva
Age:  32
Location:  Krasnaya Presnya
Address:  City Moscow.
On websites:  Direct mail to my address
Report:   Hey Qasim, Now I already in Moscow, was today very good day despite that in Moscow awful traffic jams, I have arrived in 10.30 days. Me has met Elena Sergeevna at the airport. I have decided to learn at once at the airport approximate cost of tickets in your country, Elena Sergeevna to me have told that tickets rise in price also we have decided to learn costs of tickets for me. I am a little surprised by the prices for tickets. But has solved will go together with Elena Sergeevna to it home faster what to settle down in its apartment. It very much the attractive woman, to it of 60 years and it very much in the good form and as with very interesting humour, she very much likes to joke. She to me has told where and that lies that I could use some things in its apartment. Tomorrow it departs to Finland, at it there there lives her sister. She wants to visit them as they very seldom see. Elena Sergeevna has fed me with tasty meal and has asked what plans further me, I have answered it that I want to go to embassy, she has explained to me as to reach to embassy and has given some advice, she has told that during conversation with the consul, I need for it to be hinted that at me very few days of my vacation. Qasim, today I have already visited embassy and have written the application for visa registration as has familiarised with rules of registration of the visa. It was pleasant to me that the visa centre to be not far. To me have helped absolutely in everything, I have given all necessary documents, also I have made photos for visa registration, I have filled some documents. In embassy to me have told that I should get 2 air tickets in territory of Russia as rules in embassy from for many cases of swindle have become tougher, I did not begin to go into details and did not begin to set superfluous questions. Air tickets are necessary for visa registration. The matter is that employees of embassy should be precisely assured of exact dates of my departure and returning back, to me have told that this indispensable condition of my visa. Me have asked about desirable dates of departure in your country, I have told that planned for the beginning May. I have told that all depends on that as my visa will be quickly ready, the assistant to the consul has told to me that is required not less than 10 days and is possible it is more, whether I have asked probably to accelerate my process of the visa as I very much worry from for that that I cannot keep within my 37 days of my vacation. I have told that I will be very grateful if my visa will make quickly as I would like and after these words, the assistant to the consul has asked me, for what purpose I want to go to your country, I have told that I have got acquainted with the remarkable person and I want to meet it in a current of my vacation for 20 days, he to me has told that by rules of a tourist visa I can be more than 20 days and the main thing that I would not have immigration intentions. I have explained to it that I will go only for 20 days. He has listened to me and has told that will help with fast registration of my visa. He has written down my name and a surname and would tell that I fulfilled in time all requirements of embassy. I so was delighted after he to me has told that will help with fast registration of the visa, I have asked it as I can thank it, he has told that it is not necessary thanks, he has told that at it the daughter and at it good mood today was born. I have congratulated him on a birth of a daughter, he has told that to it very pleasantly, as it at it the first child. He once again would tell to me that I fulfilled in time all requirements of embassy and then I will manage to receive the visa faster. I have again asked it, how many days registration of the visa with its help will occupy, he has told that will try to make as soon as possible, approximately for one week, but no more than 10 days. I am very glad what exactly today have visited embassy, today at me very good and successful day. After embassy I have decided to go at once again to the airport what to consider tickets as I know now approximate date of reception of my visa. A choice of air tickets very big. The price was the main criterion of a choice of air tickets for me. It was necessary for me to find cheap air tickets. The employee of the airport has helped me at a choice. I have considered air tickets on the beginning of May. Cost of one air ticket makes 400. It is necessary for me to have 800 dollars that I could get air tickets. Qasim, already I said to you that your support will be probably necessary for me. I have a sufficient sum of money for these tickets but if I buy them independently then I absolutely will remain without money, I need to live in Moscow and money for pocket expenses and as on my food as here in Moscow all is very expensive are necessary to me. I have spent many money, for arrival in Moscow as I have paid registration of the visa and the medical insurance in embassy. I already have spent almost 800 dollars. You can help me with acquisition of one air ticket 400 dollars? It would be very good to divide our expenses. Already I said to you that I should get air tickets in Russia. I have learnt at Elena Sergeevna, in what way I can receive your help on one ticket. Elena Sergeevna has told that the best way to use bank Western Union, it already used some times this system of transfer of money when she sent to the sister money. It has given me the address of the bank, the most nearest bank where is Western Union that I would not search for this bank across all Moscow. I very much did not want to ask your help, but I did not think that I will spend so many money. Actually money at me is, but I do not want to remain without money as I should live in Moscow, I hope you me understand and will help with 400 dollars. I will write now to you this address of bank. City Moscow.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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