Scam report about Elena Volkova

First name:  Elena
Last name:  Volkova
Aka:  Darya, Tatyana, Tatjana Lebedeva, Lyudmila Kazantseva
Age:  27
Location:  Russia, Saratov, Russia Rostok
Address:  Tehnicheskaya 9 28, Saratov, Russia,Bardin's street 10-45, Saratov, Russia
Phone:  . +7 937 936 3858
Email:  Elena [],Elena [], Tatjana,,
On websites: ,
Report:  Report Out of the blue there suddenly was an e-mail in my box from a 27 year old Russian woman who was looking for a serious relationship. Attached were two photos. My vanity made me answer and so our correspondence started but I told her that I have not searched for contact on any sight as far as I know of. I must have been a click of mistake. But the communication went on in a serious way and I tried to tell her I was far too old for her. But she did not care. Of course I became suspicious and when I got her full name I made a search on Google. And I found her at your site. I confronted her with the facts I then had about her being a scammer but she became offended and I apologized. After all there were 200 accounts on Facebook bearing the same name. But I continued to ask for pictures that proved her real world existence. I sent her a view from Google Earth over her address asking her to identify her house and some pictures of a monument and a church just nearby asking her to send med a picture of her in front of those. Of course there was no such pictures. Instead I got intense love letters saying she now had decided that I was the man of her needs and that I she was ready to travel to me. BUT she needed money for passport and visa. I checked with my embassy in Moscow and the sums where far too high. Of course I now know she was a scammer but I needed more proof so I started to read all the letters on your site and found four that included exact copies of letters that was sent to me. With two different names of the scammer. The first letter was from 2005. Then I made a search at Google with certain text strings and now I found the same letters on other scammer sites with other aliases. And finally I on Russian detectives site found a chain of letters that were identical with most of mine and with pictures that was the same and similar to mine. And those were sent during the same period of time as were mine. I had then continued the correspondence with a message saying that I did not have the money needed but I should try to find them. Then she disappeared for some days and I wrote that I could manage to raise the money in question and offered to pay her tickets as well but I had to have the SWIFT code, the account number and the receiver. Then she was back again with a new sum telling me Western Union was better. Then I told her: Game over. Recycling is not good when I comes to love letters. /M

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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