Scam report about Annabelle Landa

First name:  Annabelle
Last name:  Landa
Aka:  Annabelle Castillo
Age:  38
Location:  Barraca, Villasis, Pangasinan, Philippines
Address:  Barraca, Villasis, Pangasinan, Philippines
Phone:  +639107697129
On websites:
Report:  Contact details of individual I believe defrauded me. Name: Annabelle Castillo Also known as Name: Annabelle Manalo Landa Address: Barraca Villasis Pangasinan Philippines Telephone number: +639107697129 E-Mail address: I believe I am a victim of a Romance scam. I believe confidence trick was played on me involving Annabelle romantic intentions towards me, gaining her affection, and then using that goodwill to commit fraud with led to over 15,000 taken from me. We met on Facebook in June 2009 when Annabelle initiated the contact. We began a relationship in August 2009, and got engaged in October. During that time I've paid for Annabelles Annulment twice each costing 3,0000. The first time she claimed that the lawyer ran away with the money. The second time I saw the lawyer myself before handing over the money. Annabelle failed brief me on how her case was getting on and constantly used tactics to deflect discussion away from annulment hearings. I was also supporting Annabelle by sending her 100 per week. We communicated via Skype video conferencing. The relationship ended unexpectantly in the form of Skype text when I could only afford to give her 50 one week due to mounting bills. I did not expect the breakup was to happen, In my mind I saw her as my wife, I paid for her daughter to go to a private school. I saw the take of sending money as supporting my wife and child. We were engaged. I've never hurt her physically or mentally. I am shocked that If she took the relationship seriously She would have done it through Skype video and not just text. Payments were originally paid bank to bank into her account. But later my back did not convert money into local currency and became too expensive so later the money was transferred via MoneyGram.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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