Scam report about Linda Attakora

First name:  Linda
Last name:  Attakora
Aka:  she also goes by adgow or ajowa
Age:  32
Location:  Ghana Agona Swedru
Address:  western uion,angona swedru,/Aglican Church, Attakora, P.O. BOX 32 Agona Kwanyakoh ghana/says she lives in Ankyiase
Phone:  011-233-243-105456/011-233-21125021 the 2nd ones her uncles she say
Email: /
On websites:  there are many sites she use's benuaght, Juat alot
Report:  I been seeing her a yr and I should had pick up on it , she plays a roll as this nice chtristain roll like she don't lie but shes bold, and gets the hole family in on it. ,3000.00 Is what I lost I I haven't paid her anything in thre months becasue I want to catch , I no how she wrights and has many yahoo id's sometimes she'll no it's me and go on the dating site to try to see if I have money, I don't no id anyone has complained ot not , I told her I was finish with becuase she lies I have alot od conversations with her and uestion pretaining to here lies and she won't give a inch . she's go even knows the bible from fron to back, even has the hole family involved in it. Her brother, uncle thats what shes says anyway. Even after catching her shr lie's . She thinks i don't go there anymore but seen her on yahoo with mobile phone.thst what she does, her brother gets the imforation from yahoo then after she see's in the box and her brother pick up the money.She promise to het married and everything, this women was just lieing badly, I think she's on the run and has gotten in some kind of trouble , she's been in trouble before from the snapy that what she said, thats on of the times I sent 450.00 to her to get her out but I think that no wright , because i ask for a reciept and couldn't come up with it . I've got alot of her pictures if you need.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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