Scam report about TRACY 

First name:  TRACY
Age:  30
Location:  negeria
On websites:  mate1.. facebook.. yearbook
Report:  I found her on Facebook, She said {or HE, was no cam} That she was stuck in a Hotel in nigeria and she had no help, This was on April 19,2012, I talked to her about the Hotel thing, she said her boyfriend took her there from the states and robbed her of her money and cant pay it, and asked if I could help. Well we talked for a for days and said she Love me, and was my future husband, and then ask for 500 dollars. She also said, she had no one to talked too but me, BUT one time she called me James, like she was talking to a couple of others and made a mistake, Seems to she will just end up in a fake Hosp or something so I did not send . So i found the scammer site.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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