Scam report about Caron 

First name:  Caron
Aka:  Carolyn Nelson
Age:  32
Location:  South Africa - Pretoria
On websites:  QuePasa
Report:  Caron name is Carolyn Nelson. Though she may still operate from Mate1, since 2011 she has been on the QuePasa site as well, which is were I met last week. There she claims to live in Pretoria, South Africa. Have not known her long enough for her to attempt to scam me; nor will I give her the chance since I have checked her out here, on the Stop Scammers site. I really appreciate the fact this site documents scams, as one attempt to help others from falling into scammer's traps...I was scammed online previously, so I know that feeling.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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