Scam report about Regina Kalistratova

First name:  Regina
Last name:  Kalistratova
Aka:  Mariya Zahodyaeva
Age:  34
Location:  Russia
On websites:
Report:  Have same pictures same video + another video using my name. Said worked in Bread factory in another city then went to Moscow for flight here. excerpt od one of her e-mails below this line so you can see her way of communication exist also very broken english >> Darling Alan, You understand that I have decided to arrive to you, what it is closer and better to learn each other. Certainly I will arrive, after all I for this purpose and have arrived to Moscow what to do the visa, what to arrive to you, the consul has told that approximately in couple of days the visa will tickets are ready and necessary, what them to assure to the consul, it is important, it is necessary for consul to be convinced of dates of my departure in your country and returnings back and then to me will give out the visa. Why you have not told that it is other system of a remittance, after all I did not know about this, to me Elena that for help reception only has told the best way, it is a western an union. But now I have looked in the receipt which you to me have sent and there not a western an union. Whether I have looked is in Moscow Money Gram, yes it is. Now I will go to this bank. You should trust completely to me as I the responsible person and I not silly, you should be assured of that that I will not bring you, I will arrive to you and I it promise you on all of 100 %. Tell to me for what day about to consider tickets in your country. I should be confident that that you will meet me at the airport. I worry for it, write to me on what number to me to buy tickets, I approximately count for May, 10th, it approaches for us? Write to me, now I will go to bank. I look at your photos and my day becomes more light and is brighter, because I am glad that have got acquainted with you.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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