SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Fatimon Oladejo

First name: Fatimon
Last name: Oladejo
Aka: Richard Taylor, Shawn Moore
Age: unknown
Location: Egypt, Cairo
Address: 37 Sharawy Street,Heliopolis, Cairo Egypt or 14 Gihaz Street, Al Tagamo El Awal, Cairo, Egypt
Phone: 0119869572
On websites:
Report:     I have recently fell into one of the scammers who provided me his actual phone number, true name used to receive Western Union money and address. The main scammers are a man, Shawn Moore who goes by Richard Taylor and lives at 14 Gihaz Street, Al Tagamo El Awal, Cairo, Egypt Phone number 0119869572 and Fatimon Oladejo a female who lives at 37 Sharawy Street,Heliopolis, Cairo Egypt. I want everyone to know about him to avoid what happened to me. This is his/her emails: Dear Marwa Helmi, >> >>Richard Taylor has sent the following message to you from your profile page at >>Greetings! >> >>I\'m Richard Taylor from Atlanta,Georgia and i\'ll be leaving here in Atlanta for the United Kingdom on a business trip tomorrow.However,i will need your service to translate some documents for me.I need to make a presentation to some groups of Arabic speaking people in Abu Dhabi,U.A.E on 30th of April,2012.I will need you to help me translate the papers from English to Arabic so each of my audience can have a copy in Arabic language and they can follow through.I will also need that the work be delivered by April 27,2012.Please,let me know your rate for a total of about 4626 words presentation and your methods of payment.I look forward to hearing back from you soon. >> >> >>Best Regards, >>Richard >>678-701-9193 >>+447924007140 >> >>This message was sent from the following IP: (Cairo, Egypt) From: Richard Taylor To: Marwa Helmi Sent: Wednesday, April 4, 2012 7:33 PM Subject: Payment.. Thanks for the email.I just got to know a few minutes ago that my associate(Ms. Rita Jones) made out money order for the wrong amount($950) to you instead of $100.I instructed her before she left for a Conference abroad to send $100 to you and have the rest of the money sent to my Arabic interpreter in Egypt as i will be heading to Egypt for a meeting next week.I called Rita immediately i saw your email and she told me she didn't get my instructions clearly and made a mistake sending the whole of my funds to you.She made me know she sent her interpreter(Mr Shawn Moore) to help her mail the money order from Egypt as she bought it in Girard,Illinios late in the morning and had to catch a flight on that same morning.However,i am really sorry about this mistake. Kindly proceed to your bank to have the money order deposited.As soon as funds clear your bank,please deduct your own payment($100) and assist in sending the rest of the funds via Western Union transfer to my arabic interpreter using the information below as he has also requested that i pay him in advance before he can be available for my seminar dates.The fee for the WU transfer should also be deducted from my balance of $850 as that's not a problem at all.I am very sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you. Please provide me with the scan copy of the western union invoice via email or the MTCN,Sender's name and the exact amount sent as shown on the WU invoice as soon as you are able to do the transaction so i can forward the details to her asap.I look forward to hearing back from you soon.Thanks for your patience and great understanding.Have a wonderful day. My Arabic Interpreter's Information: First Name: Fatimon Last Name: Oladejo Address: 37 Sharawy Street,Heliopolis, City: Cairo Country: Egypt
Status of report: is still without proof