Scam report about Oksana Krupyna

First name:  Oksana
Last name:  Krupyna
Aka:  Oxana Krupina , Ksenichka38
Age:  28
Location:  Ukraine Chernigov
On websites:,,
Report:  WARNING : Oksana Krupyna born on 03.27.1984, resident in Chernigov (UA). I met this woman trough internet acquaintance site. This girl pretended to receive money every month telling a mountain of lies. She had more then 15.000 us dollars from me trough Western Union . After last money delivery on February she disappeared. This woman is a very dangerous person. As for the informations I was able to find, She is a well know lady in all discos, pubs, bar, nightclubs of her city Chernigov (UA) because she is alcoholized with other very bad habits. She never worked in her life, she only like to get and spend money obtained from

Status of report:  is still without proof

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