Scam report about OLGA VEROWA

First name:  OLGA
Last name:  VEROWA
Age:  32
On websites:;
Report:  She managed to scam $680.00 U.SD. from me. She first contacted me out of the blue. I was a little suspicious, but decidec to strike up an email correspondence. For several weeks she told me about she being a dentist and wanted to find someone she can trust and who would be there for her. Talked about being beaten by her ex-boyfriend and she no longer wanted any man from Russia. She wanted to leave her native land and seek her fortune elsewhere, especially America. Suddenly she indicated that she wanted to meet me in person. She told me that she had a 24 days vacation comming up and she wanted to spend them with me in America. She said that it would not cost me a penny(I must admit, that is the phrase that gave me the impression that she was legit....the real and honest deal)that she will take care of everything. She later told me that she had to comtact many people, including people who world with her dead parents to get affidavits, and other letters from patients to take to the immigration office in order to get an American Visa. Days went by, she had a meeting and her Visa was issued. She sent me a copy..the same one you have on your file on this site. Soon after that, she told me that she went to buy her plane ticket...but the cost was much more than she expected and therefore wanted my help of $380.00 to be able to purchase the ticket I sent the $380.00. She then sent me the time and date of her expected arrival, here in the United States She also said that she had to travel bu train to Moscow airport. Once again she said she was confronted with another problem that she did not know would come up.....that is, she would not be allowed to board her flight unless she had at least $300.00 U.S.D on her person. She asked me to send that money via western union and I did. The final curtian call occurred when she said that just before boarding the plane she was attacked by some big guy and she had to be taken to the hospital. She claimed that she had a dislocated shoulder, plus a punctured lung. The funny thing is...with all of that she said she would be healed within a week and then she will come to me. Ofcourse....that never happened.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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