Scam report about nenengmaxlady453 

First name:  nenengmaxlady453
Age:  50
Location:  Philippines
On websites:  Christian Cafe
Report:  This person contacted me on 16/5/2012. Said they wanted to start a conversation. They came back online on 18/5/2012 but hadn't read my reply and it is now 22/5/2012. If someone is really interested they will read a reply to their message. Also on their profile they say they have 3 children. If my profile had been read they would have seen I'm not after anyone that has children to begin with. This person says she is a buisness woman and yet hasn't travelled very far. With the qualifications she claims to have it is unlikely she wouldn't have travelled by now since as she says she is around 50 yrs old. Maybe she hasn't replied back because she's seen that I've caught a few scammers from CC and has chickened out.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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