Scam report about Celina Sinnathurai

First name:  Celina
Last name:  Sinnathurai
Aka:  Sarah Larson
Age:  33
Location:  Nigeria Benin City
Address:  Royal Diamond Heights Hotel, 24 Mercy Rd,Benin City.
On websites:  yahoo messenger
Report:  Sarah first contacted me at the beginning of December 2011 by her favourite email, wanting to start a relationship with me, saying that age was not a problem. I am 68, she is supposedly 33. We have been chatting regularly via yahoo7 messenger. At the beginning, she told me that she lived in Liverpool U.K. and was in Nigeria doing a fashion show for United Nations. At the end of the show, she told me that she had won second prize of $US220,000.00, By this time we had become quite friendly, and she told me that she was going to convert the money to Australian Dollars, and send me a certified cheque to the value of $AU206,000,00. In order to do this, she would need my address in Australia, which I sent via email. She also has my mobile phone number. The cheque was supposedly sent via registered mail to my home address. No sign of it yet! Then she says the envelope has been impounded by customs in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, awaiting payment of some tax. Can I help her out with some funds, as her money is in the mail to me! I have sent a few dollars, which was all I could afford being a pensioner.She insists that any funds be sent via Western Union. I have asked her if this is all a scam, and if she has heard of Celina Sinnathurai, or Maame Paker. All of the images on this site of Sarah are indentical to Celina and Maame. Exactly the same as the personal ones she sent me via email. She also tells me that when this is all sorted out she is going to come to Australia to live with me! I don't think so!

Status of report:  is still without proof

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