SCAM REPORT ABOUT  blanson confort

First name: blanson
Last name: confort
Age: 31
Location: akra-ghana
Email: confort
On websites: no
Report:     i find her on'' icq international'' chating site and we start to chating to yahoo messenger. ...she start to ask me money in a 2- day. i wrote her, i will dont send any money becorse i dont know anything about her yet. she even dont show her on web, coz she haven't webcam ( that is what she wrote me ) she ask money for a new passport to come here to me ... , to pay her internet bill.... and a few shit same... i ''tell'' her she is a scammer when she still ask me money every time , when we chating. she even send a email , a ''porno'' email to me, but she dont realyze my name is diferent...that email should be sent to other guy...i ask her about, but she liet me. so i take her out to my yahoo list and i forget her until i saw her in yours site. thank you and i wish more scammers will stoping in future.
Status of report: is still without proof