Scam report about tatyana mozhaewa

First name:  tatyana
Last name:  mozhaewa
Aka:  tatty
Age:  27
Location:  schastie ukraine
Address:  kosteinaja str 3 schastie ukraine 91055
Report:  a very naive scammer and by the second mail was sending me part unclothed photos... i didnt report this scammer at the time as i only had the same 4 photos that appeared on your website.. so it seemed pointless really..however over the last 2 months 2 new photos have appeared from the agency acting ALLEGEDLY as the translation i thought you may like to add them to this young ladies gallery !! it seems that they always try to draw you in..however being an established scam spotter now i thought that these couple of pictures would show..she is still active..still using the same e-mail address and still looking for someone to give her money...dream on !!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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