SCAM REPORT ABOUT  elenita manalang

First name: elenita
Last name: manalang
Aka: smile -gamz ,,, sweetshane,,,,,ellen shane
Age: 25
Location: quezon,phillipines
Address: city
Phone: 13562563463,,,,,,,,mob+639269044858
Email: messenger,,,,
On websites: dating
Report:     this girl ptomised to marry me ,i sent money for her flight500,money for visas400 then she disappeared and by asking amerikate (another scammer)elenita came on using heer new web name smile gamz....i have a list of 40 or more others to report ,names ,real names,ages, some with phone/mobile numbers,some that have been very abusive when they couldnt get money ,some of these are on yahoo when you delete them they get through yahoo,another scammers,zsanne smith,lovergir,prettyasyouwish,charee pineda,shinsanto 62,sexy angel (abusive0,needy-fati(pretended to sell bread in the street,and i have others.david
Status of report: is still without proof