SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Ekaterina kalinnikova

First name: Ekaterina
Last name: kalinnikova
Age: 29
Location: buzuluk
Email: Ekaterina
Report:     the first contact came from her side we mailed about a month and she would come to me she had to go to moscow by bus and get visa and airline ticket then she wrote she could come in about 2 weeks and needed some cash to pay for hotel and meals stupid as i was i send her 700 euro by western union then she needed 1500 to exit the country the dutch consulate in moscow told me to be carefull as they NEVER request something like that so i never send the 1500 euro there was a last desperate mail for the 1500 but i requested copy of her visa and plane ticket she could not provide these as the documents were by the governement for checking so i never send the 1500 and the mails stopped ;-) first name: EKATERINA last name: KALINNIKOVA Turgenev street, the house 54, Apartment 26 461040 city Buzuluk orenburgskaya-oblast buzulukskiy-rayon Russia
Status of report: is still without proof