Scam report about Maya Norling

First name:  Maya
Last name:  Norling
Aka:  Amanda
Age:  32
Location:  Sweden, Stockholm, sterker
Email:  Maya Norling []
On websites:
Report:  It started with some short letters in Swedish. Then we turned to English and she told med about being in Sweden after the funeral of her father. And she was a widow a where determined to make clothing and cache donations with the help of God. She had a lot of meeting and should then go to London but ended up in Madrid with a donation to one of Europes most famous mother-child hospitals. But then she had to interrupt to go to her son in London and needed money. A lot of the facts, which were contra dictionary , was I chat conversations via Skype (the sound and microphone in her computer did not work properly ha,ha).I finished the conversation with the letter below. Hi my dear Maya/Amanda So you are a scammer after all. I have just bee waiting for the point where you would ask for money just wondering what reason you would give. Now I know. You have been very clever scammer indeed. But your story is too fantastic to be true. And you have been inconsistent and have made a lot of mistakes. The first one was about your webcam and microphone. There was sound once but the background was just the same I heard when I earlier talked to Ghanan scammers and you use the same type of reference to God as they do. But I think that we had already met via MSN so I understand you did not want to show your face. Secondly you claimed to have been here I Sweden for 2 years, then one year and suddenly you have not been here long enough to know where you were living. Your geographical knowledge was none and you did not even now what airport you were using on your trip to London, UK. And suddenly you were not in UK but in Madrid. You claimed to have been born in USA, but you did not have a specially good English. Your husband died two years ago, then three and with him you claimed your son also died. But suddenly he arose from the dead again at the age of 15. As far as I know only Jesus has made that before. But Klaus Rivera (who you claimed to be your late father) is a very good locking guy from Puerto Rico. Give him my best regards. He seems to be very much alive. And the explanation about Amanda. Do you take me for an idiot? It is an often known fact that scammers sometimes makes mistakes with there identities. It is not easy to keep all correspondence working. If you have so much money that you are able to make donations you sure do not need any money from me. But I sure can not understand what the most modern mother -childrens hospital in Europe should need clothing donations. And there is most certainly not such need in Stockholm or London. Maybe if you take a hospital in the slum area of your town, which I presume is Accra, it is possible that they need such a donation. So to be frank with you: There will never be any money from me. And I will now block you and report you to some scammers site on the internet. Bye for ever Mats

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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