Scam report about angela or anny or anne zion

First name:  angela or anny or anne
Last name:  zion
Age:  late twenties
Location:  malaysia but born flirids
On websites:  contacted me tru
Report:  She got stranded in malaysia. Then coming back from japan she statrd she needed money for visa. Americans dont need visa for japan. Then her motel had passport had to pay motel. On the way to sir port was stabbed. She needed hospital fees. Plus money was taken from her. She stated she had 4.6 million follars but in jewels and property. She also with a male in mearly fourties. A s as lawyer and doctor. Dhe might a boy and a girl around 7 years old. She acts a nurse but no license.She also works with males earlyReason no cas but had to pay tsxes before beuing able to get money. Shes sound like a she boy with british accents. This person is a very bad person.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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