Scam report about Galina Andreeva

First name:  Galina
Last name:  Andreeva
Age:  40
Location:  Rostov na Don
Email:  rostgalya@yandex.rupost
On websites: & &
Report:  Galina Andreeva Rostov na Don Tickets and Gifts Galina Andreeva wants only first class travel at your expense and nice gifts (.lots of em) from wealthy American sugar daddies Shes been doing this routine for several years on and Begrudging limited sex (shell toss you) & absolutely no domestic skills except if you include sleeping really, really late On the other hand she is tall beautiful with slim stunning figure and looks best wearing nothing at all number: 852361 name:Galina surname:Andreeva age:40 height:179 weight:52 email:rostgalya@yandex.rupost address:3440091 Russia Rostov-on-Don str.Stachki 223/1-49 +7-(863)-224-80-58 +79185448867

Status of report:  is still without proof

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