Scam report about Nabal Salifu

First name:  Nabal
Last name:  Salifu
Aka:  Lizzy Donald, Lizzy George, etc.,
Age:  31
Location:  Ilesa NIgeria
On websites:,,
Report:  Only spent a week or so chatting with Lizzy after meeting her in a date club. She claimed her parents were missionaries to Nigeria a couple years ago. Claimed they died in a car accident a year and a half ago. Claims because she had no money to speak of at the time, the hotel she was stayin g in seized her passport, and she still owes them 1000.00. Also claims she only works one day a week for measily wages, and slave conditions in Africa. Claims she is looking for someone to spend her life with(typical), and claims American Embassy will only help fly her home back to the USA once she pays the filing fees with the embassy in the amount of 900.00 Tried to entice me several occassions to come up with the money early on, but as I am a disabled American Veteran, told her, I couldnt do anything aBOUT HER SITUATION TIL AT LEAST jULY 1ST WWHEN i MOVE INTO MY NEW HOUSE...Offered to help her get back here at that time, and have helped her out with a few 100.00 through western union, for food, feminine needs, and a recent harddrive failure on her computer. Its perfectly plausible as Ive viewed her discreetly live on her webcam while chatting, that her photos and identity have been stolen by someone, possibly gaining access to her passpert through the hotel she stays in, or by simply hacking her computer and online profiles. Based on the fact that I have viewed her live recently, the identity theft story sounds plausible..however a thorough identity scammer could also steal her video captures,, and make them appear as llive. Im going to test her live on cam once she gets her computer fixed to verify the vid captures arte indeed live or prerecorded....Id appreciate assistance from the site administrators to validate shes a real person being duped by a muslim faction element, or she really is a russsian european national jumping around the globe in an effort to steal people's livelihoods away from them. if this is the case, im fully prepared to persue criminal actions against her....if she is however who she says she is and has had her identity stolen, Id love the support of the administrators to vindicate her of past misuse of her images and identity.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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