Scam report about evgeniya lavrentieva

First name:  evgeniya
Last name:  lavrentieva
Aka:  shining_pearl
Age:  28
Location:  melitopol ukraine
On websites:  1st international, russian brides club, unik agency, natashaclub.lovelab.1st attrac
Report:  I started writing to Evgeniya in January 2011 via 1st international, we wrote once or twice every week for around six month and she never ask for any money, I arranged to meet with her in her town of Melitopol in June 2011, she had told me that she could speck English but would feel more comfortable if we could use an interpreter for our first meeting and this seems to be reasonable to me so I agreed and assumed that this would be for the first day, she arranged for me to stay at a hotel in her town and for a taxi to collect me from the airport and for the interpreter to meet me there also. During our correspondence I had been learning Russian but my teacher advised me to not make this known as I would hear things that they would assume I did not understand and I would be able to know if she was genuine or not. I arrived late evening and was met by the taxi and the interpreter and taken to a very basic hotel, just a bed and shower with no facilities at all, I was surprised that this would cost $60 per night, the taxi from the airport cost me $120 and the interpreter charged me $200 for meeting me and taking me to the hotel. The next morning we had arranged to meet and around 11am Evgeniya and the interpreter arrived Evgeniya made no effort to speck English and I listened very carefully to what she and the interpreter talked about, I stayed for one week and the whole time all Evgeniya wanted to do was go shopping everyday, I paid for everything meals, taxis entrance fees, the interpreter stayed with us for the whole week Evgeniya as it became apparent that Evgeniya spoke no English at all I paid the interpreter more than $1460 for the week. As the week went by I learnt that the hotel was owned by the interpreters mother and father, the taxi driver was the interpreters husband and then to my shock that the interpreter was in fact Evgeniya sister. I had been paying $15 per hour for 12 hours a day for her sister to translate for us. When I came home after what was a very expensive trip I did I little research a little too late I know!! Evgeniya had profiles on most of the Russian dating sites User name: shining_pearl Russian brides club Unik agency Natashaclub 1st international lovelab 1st drivedating marriage agency Russia in love again marriage dating you my match alone angels dating woman agency date me mate me Then to my total horror I found her married sister actually worked as a translator for love lab and had her own profile on all of the above sites as: lady_tenderness. Her name is Kateryna Garbuz and she also lives in Melitopol although I complained to the site and her profile has now been removed but can still be seen if you search lady_tenderness in google. I know this seems very elaborate scam but this trip cost me over $3000 and most of this money went to her family in one way or another and I never got as much as a kiss on the check or to hold her hand. And I have since found out that Evgeniya never actually read or sent any of the letters, her sister is paid to translate so she writes letters to men on the sites so she can be paid to translate them. I dont think I can trust another dating site again!!!!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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