Scam report about Irina 

First name:  Irina
Age:  27
Location:  Ukraine - Schactye
On websites:  Russia cupe
Report:  This scammer meet me at Russia cupe , exchange emails . The scammer gives me the same old scammer line: after 4 emails she start with translation scam and need money to continue respond with me . The scammers answers no direct questions and just tells a lot about themselves with no answering or replying to anything you write to them. she/ he talk about there family life , important of honesty , how they been cheated in the past , painful story and long dilemma !! as usual I have only written a three emails at the most when answering them and this scammer is totally in love with me ! when i told her I have no money for her she vanish . she will tell you about helping others and that she hated selfish people and she caring about every thing in the universe including your wallet !!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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