Scam report about Alicia Sarah Olson

First name:  Alicia Sarah
Last name:  Olson
Age:  48
Location:  Sweden, Gothenburg
Address:  Otterhllegatan, Gothenburg, Danish road 39, 411 74 Gothenburg, Sweden
Email:  Alicia Sarah []
On websites:
Report:  For this scammer i can not find any standard letters on the internet, but she still is a scammer you bet. At first during the conversation she changes between a bad auto-translated Swedish and a rather bad English and also uses different name on me as if she is not aware of who she is communicating with. And she is busy all the time (with other contacts I suppose). In her first letter she tells me: lost my husband about 9 years ago and that was really a sad event that ever occured to me, he left me with a 9 year old son. This son should be 18 by now but in the chat conversation he is 10. She claims to do charity work at an orphanage called Outreach in Gothenburg, Sweden. But in Sweden there are no more orphanages and most certainly not one I Gothenburg called Outreach. The American Outreach360 organisation works with children I Nicaragua and Dominican Republic There is also Outreach orphanage in India supported by a Swedish organisation and, most important of all, there is an Outreach orphanage in Ghana. Besides her charity work she claims to work as a registered nurse in Gothenburg, but can not answer were she is working. In one of her letters she gives one address in Gothenburg. But in a new letter the day after the chat she gives another. And this last address or ZIP-code does not exist in reality. And this letter is formulated as if she did not know that I finished chat with her telling her I know she is a scammer, And I think she belongs to that group of scammers in Ghana who as quickly as possible jumps to chat on Skype. When I did contact her on Skype there was a man answering trying to sound like a woman. The same phenomena occurred some weeks ago when I started a chat with another Ghanaian scammer. I told her to be on line at 21.00 her time and she was. The problem for her was that the time I Sweden was 23.00. A time difference of 2 hours, wich with Swedish summer time tells me that she was GMT, which Ghana is. The same time difference was visible on her clock at Skype and in the letters which she answered. . So she just certainly is a scammer.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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