Scam report about Jamie Jackson

First name:  Jamie
Last name:  Jackson
Aka:  Joseph
Age:  28
Location:  Ghana,Accra
Phone:  1-233-244-9652
Email:  jamie
On websites:  Facebook
Report:  The person wanted me to marry her, come to USA and have children.She had me send $225.00 for her internet and cell phone bill, Then wanted me to pay Bride Prize of $1740, to her parents,Melinda Jackson Immediately. When I told her I was coming to Ghana with church group, she didn't want me to meet her or her parents until wedding date, but bride prize must be paid immediately. I have over a month of documentation daily, phone records, e-mails , facebook chat,Skype, etc. today person claiming to be her, said she had a secret to tell me but was scared to, it seemed like whoever pulled her and placed different person or she was being forced to possibly do something that she wanted to tell me about. They do not know I'm on to them yet and maybe we can catch whoever is involved, I'm gathering intel for possible prosecution by playing along, lets get the truth please, there was so much info and time with documentation they spent, that i suspect something is not right, The person I saw on Skype seemed and matched photos real, but acted very scared today, i'm willing to try and catch these individual(s) involved by not letting on I suspect fraud or possibly human slavery

Status of report:  is still without proof

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