Scam report about Anna Maltzeva

First name:  Anna
Last name:  Maltzeva
Age:  35
Location:  Kazan, City of Prem, Tatarstan, Russia.
On websites:  A number of sites.
Report:  I was scammed by two ladies, Anna Maltzeva, her surname his her Mothers maiden name, and a Mariya Bodrova. I sent over 615 to these ladies for a holiday in England, the money was sent by moneygram and picked up in the City of Prem, Russia by Mariya Bodrova using her passport. As soon as Anna Maltzeva received the money she claimed it was not enough, and wanted a further 900. I then telephoned the Russia Consulate in Moscow, and was informed that these ladies were involved in scamming me. I then informed the Russian Police in Tatarstan, and the English Police. I then complained to The President of Russia on a form that is sent to you, Anna Maltzeva is the leader of this gang and is on most of the Russian scamming sites. There is a reward for information leading to the arrest of both of these ladies for on line dating. scamming.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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