Scam report about serah mensah

First name:  serah
Last name:  mensah
Aka:  to many to list
Age:  32
Location:  accra ghana
Phone:  o11233207678522
On websites:  to many to list
Report:  have been in contact with her for 7 months now an been scamed out of over twelvethousend dollers by her her story with me is her father died an left her an inheratence of severl propertys in ghana an 22 kilos of gold dust which her atty is helping her obtain in to her possation his name is issacc pwazagh an have sent all moneys thru him via western union an the scam gets worse they have sent me packiges thru fedex an ups which include flat screen tv shirts sandels an computers they asked me to send them to them an sent the flat screen tv an a box with shirts an sandels they said they would pay fer shiping an gave me an account number to bill the shiping to went to fedex to ship them gave the account number an sent these packiges off to them but soon found out that it was a fake account number an fedex billed me the sum of 1229 fer tv an 560 fer box of shirts fer the totel of nearly 1800 dollers have been fighting with fedex ever sence an her an her atty promis to take care of this matter but havent done so fer 5 months an as fer the computers they sent one was a present to me cos my computer quite working an dident have one to keep in touch with her so she had her atty send me a new one fer me an anouther one fer her once she gets here to marry me but she was caught at airport customes with a half a kilo of gold dust an deported back to ghana with a 1500 doller bail an a 6000 doller fine which all has to be paid befor she can come to usa to marry me she says that she lives with her mum an step dad there names are shilla an james but have herd that step dad is actuly her brother an hes also in on scam with her an her atty i have pitures of her an have recordings of her doing webcam chats some with her cloughs on some with out im still in contact with her every morning an do web chats every day an nite i have knowen about her an her being a scammer an want to talk to the proper athuritys to arrest her an bring her to justis an pay fer all she an her partners have done hope someone sees this an contacts me to help me out of this scam will some one help me please

Status of report:  is still without proof

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