Scam report about Nancy Heck

First name:  Nancy
Last name:  Heck
Aka:  Temmy White
Age:  Now claims 28 years old
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
Address:  Tolu Richard, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria 23401
Phone:  234803076509
On websites:  Yahoo messenger,,
Report:  I'm writing to report an update on a known scammer. She is already listed on this sight as Nancy Heck 25 of Lagos,Nigeria. She contacted me from speeddate which is affiliated with Facebook. We've talked for a few days as she instantly sent me her email address. When she emailed me she sent messages from 2 addresses (clue ). She originally told me that she was from Denton, Texas USA, but that she was in Nigeria on a work assignment. All of a sudden in only 3 days she is madly in love with me and can't wait to get back home to be with me forever. Wow big hint. I guess she's not smart enough to realize that I'm paying attention to all the detail even though i told her up front that I'm a law enforcement officer. I look for inconsistencies in stories every day. Duh! Now all of a sudden she is finished with a school that she failed to mention before and needs $525 to get her certificate to leave. She ask me to send the money to a different name via western union to the address posted above. She's represented herself as one Temmy White 28 year old Latino/hispanic female who lost both her parents in hurricane Katrina. She has sent me newer pictures of herself than what are posted here. I need to send them to you but I cannot attach them as I am sending them from my phone. If the site will contact me via email I will be happy to forward them to you. I apreciated this site and what it's here for. I only recognized her from her pics here and I'm certain that she's one and the same person. Thanks Rob (USA)

Status of report:  is still without proof

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