Scam report about Khloe Roberto

First name:  Khloe
Last name:  Roberto
Age:  35
Location:  USA, Newmanstown, Pa. 17073
Address:  39 East Main St. P.O. Box 133 Newmanstown, Pa. 17073
On websites:
Report:  I saw this scammer's profile on, and she initiated contact through the e-mail service on Mate1. I have only corresponded with this scammer for a few days. I thought that this person was strange because of their lack of understanding of basic grammar and spelling. For someone who claims to read write and understand the English language with an advanced degree, their correspondence seemed very uneducated. I did not let the correspondence get to the point where money was asked for and I did not offer to send them any money. The last e-mail had very specific information which I searched for on Google. When I typed in the name Olivera National School of Engineering your web-site was the first, second, and third listing. I read the letters that matched up almost exactly with the ones I received and decided to report. I am not going to respond to any further e-mails and at this point the scam is over.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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