Scam report about Lydia Biama

First name:  Lydia
Last name:  Biama
Age:  unknown
Location:  Ghana
Address:  Golden gate estate street No 11 Aflao Border Republic of Ghana zip code...00233
Phone:  +233246622906
Report:  The scam evolved over approximately 3 months and involved her/him (there were several distinct styles of writing and comprehension in the IM) asking for money to travel to Australia, or to pay for internet and phone bills. She staged an arrest for gold smuggling by customs officials at the airport and was allegedly fined $600 which she asked me to replace. Poor use of the English language on IM and emails made it easy to spot the scam and I was aware I was being conned in the first couple of days. She said she loved me after only 3 days of IM was obviously a set-up.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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