Scam report about jullie anne sims

First name:  jullie anne
Last name:  sims
Age:  ?
Location:  canada
On websites:
Report:  WELL ITS OK ON AND IM NOT A SCAM IM JUST A REALL GO TO MY REAL SITE TO SEE ME IF YOU WANT riles2732: would much prefer to be nice riles2732: its up to you? Jullie Anne Sims: well hon i told you do completed my link then youll have my show riles2732: no Jullie Anne Sims: or else your card will be on fraud now riles2732: do like you said Jullie Anne Sims: riles2732: card already cancelled Jullie Anne Sims: if you cant completed your vote well not money will left on your card even its cancell Jullie Anne Sims: Jullie Anne Sims: BYE

Status of report:  is still without proof

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