Scam report about Anna ( Blessed Hope ) Bayno

First name:  Anna ( Blessed Hope )
Last name:  Bayno
Aka:  unknown Blessed , Blessed Hope, Anna Bayno
Age:  18
Location:  davao Philipines, & Lanao Del Norte & Kolambgan
Address:  Purek 6 BAYBAYKolambugan, Lanao Del Norte, Philipines
On websites:  Face Book
Report:  Met her on FB and she was very sweet & Nice, always talked about how poor and lonely she was . Lived with her grand mother , worked on the farm and went to school.Chatted a lot on yahoo and would always say she need money or could not continue education. When ask how much she would say she was too SHY to tell.After a few weeks she said she was so shy but need 1500 peso ( aprox $35.00 US ) so I sent it. SHE waould say how much she loved me & how safe and not alone she felt. I did send her clothes from here in us & candy , and a digital camera ( which she sent pictures ) . Later she talked about how much she wished she had a computer , but again professing to be too shy to ask. I finally agreed to send her a lap top, after the lap top was in the mail she was seldom online,saying she was so busy, until the lap top arrived & she needed 2,000 peso to get it ( duty ). SHE asked for 5,000 ( now she was NOT shy any more. I told her NO , that I would send the 2,000 to pick up the lap top and we could chat later about any additional money. The next day she sent a message saying she was robbed at the post office & they took her computer , camera, and all her money. So she could not go online or send any more pictures .She said she still needed more hfinancial help but now she was shy because she knew she dis appointed me & I did not trust her any more . NOW I have not heard from her in several days.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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