SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Mariya Bodtrova

First name: Mariya
Last name: Bodtrova
Age: 34
Location: City of Prem, Elabuga, Tatarstan, Russia.
On websites: NO
Report:     I was scammed by two ladies Anna Bodrovic, and Mariya Bodtrova born 11/May/1978. I sent nearly 28,000 roubles to these ladies for a holiday in England. The money was picked up by Bodtrova, at a Post Office in the City of Prem, Tatarstan, Russia. When they picked up the money Bodrovic said they require a further 36,000 roubles because of a new law brought in by Russian Customs, where you have to show the Russian Customs 36,000 roubles before they allow you to travel. This information was checked and was found to be false, when these ladies were challenged, both the ladies vanished. The Russian Police have been informed and Moneygram have been informed.
Status of report: is still without proof