Scam report about Shela Rae

First name:  Shela
Last name:  Rae
Aka:  Carol Nickerson
Age:  32 said bday was 5/18/1980
Location:  Kasoa, Ghana
Phone:  233264647863
On websites:  Plenty of Fish,
Report:  She initiated contact on She messged me there and we talked for several hours. We have corresponded for about 2 months. I didnt notice anything out of the ordinary at first. I sent her airtime for her phone a few times and then she said she wanted to move here. I ended up sending her money on 4 different occassions in the amount of $675 through western union. I sent the money to Carol Nickerson and also to Wahab Ali. I thought it was all good until the last couple of days and I started getting suspicious and I talked her into giving me her password to her email and mesenger and I found she had deleted a lot of men from her contact list but she didnt know yahoo saved them so you could restore them. I was more suspicious. So I tried to look up how addresses were formatted in Ghana because I found something in her contacts in email that i believe now was an isp. While I was looking up that format I came across this website so I joined and whil searching through Ghana I seen a picture of her. I looked through her pictures and I seen a few that she had sent me. We corresponded mostly through sms to my phone which i do not have them on my phone buy yahoo may have in my messenger. My phone does not hotd a lot of messges. She only emailed me a few times. We talked a lot on messenger also and I have all the conversations... The outcome is I found out who she was and I have told her through her yahoo but I still have her password so I can go delete them. I could stay in contact with her if need be. I have been in contact with another man that she has tried to scam and he is going to email me other email addresses and phone numbers that he has of hers and I will give those too... I have another phone number but I cannot find it at the moment. The other guy also has a lot of photos of her too... Let me know soon and I will do what I can to help catch her and her so called uncle Wahab Ali.......

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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