Scam report about Anna ( Blessaed Hope ) Bayno

First name:  Anna ( Blessaed Hope )
Last name:  Bayno
Age:  18
Location:  Philipines
On websites:  face book , ?
Report:  I saw her on face book and friended her, with in a few times she was inlove with me. to Start with she did not ask for money only would tell how hard life was & she was too shy to ask . Sent her a little money to help with school. After awhile send her some clothes & candy & digital camera , she was happy and greatful. the she started neededing money because her grandmother ( who she lived with was sick )sent her a few dollars more. later wanted computer so I agreed to send her a computer , after she had the postal ackknowledgement that the computer had been shipped. I would only hear from her not everyday as before but ONLY once a week asking for money ( not shy any more ) when the computer arrived she said she needed 2000 peso to pay post office but wanted 5,000 . I said I would send 2,000 and after she got the computer we could talk about the rest . The next day, she said that after picking up thre computer , she was robbed of the computer and the camera and eveything she had, now she haad no way to chat more , unless I could send more money . I SAID NO & have not heard from her

Status of report:  is still without proof

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