Scam report about carolinr hewitt

First name:  carolinr
Last name:  hewitt
Age:  29
Location:  pretoria south africa
Phone:  27 78 5872732
On websites:  was on international qupid
Report:  caroline made contact first on international qupid after about three days of emails telling about each other on my personal email she wanted to know if i thought this was going any where i said mabe then half way into second week asked for money not much so i sent it western union then third week told me she had inheritance from her mother that passedaway when she was 11 years old she wanted me to email her pastor that she said raised her his name is olatunde emmanuel email is pastor only emailed once he told me the story about her parents mother died of cancer after devorce her father got remarried new wife did not want her so pastor raised her she said she lived in church owned apartment worked for retierment home for church witch paid rent and some food and clothing i asked once to vidio chat she said she could not have web cam not alowed by church i insisted for about a week she finnaly said she had friend that had one but had to go their had vidio chatt she looked like fotos she sent then she started sending pacages to my house from usa to send to africa she emailed all postage lables i never had to pay any thing so i did it for her this went on for four months all money went to olatunde emmanuel she always needed money but i didnt have alot because of being laid off from work the thing that ended it was a check came to me that she wanted me to deposit in my bank then send money to her but i never deposit it because it was fake i gave fake check to bank offical to use as evidence the hole time i was stange things but i was bored so i kept chatting

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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