Scam report about Linda Lola

First name:  Linda
Last name:  Lola
Age:  29
Location:  Nigeria
Phone:  2348129763880
Email:  Linda_lo35@yahoo
On websites:  Datelink
Report:  I find it ridiculous that some of the men noted here are so niave and foolish! It drives me crazy that you allowed these women who so obviously engage in clear manipulation. What are the chances that a totally hot, young babe mets and instantly falls in love with a complete unknown man? Come on guys, I almoat think that you deserved to be screwed- maybe youll learn a lesson about what a desperate, niave sucker you are. Im currently talking with this retarded jerk and playing along. she hasn't asked me for money yet, when she does I'm gonna tell her of course honey. I'm going to tell her I sent 10,000 dollars on western union with a confirmation number. put her on a wild goose chase!

Status of report:  is still without proof

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