Scam report about Ashley Clement

First name:  Ashley
Last name:  Clement
Aka:  Serina
Age:  38
Location:  Malaysia, Salangor
Address:  Lakewood, California, USA
Phone:  60166802395
On websites:  yahoo personals
Report:  after a lengthy courting on line she claims that she is in Malaysia to settle grandfathers estate. Claims she has inheirited 50kg of stones worth $900,000 . She is very convincing and tricky. Convincingly falls in love and wanted to come to stay with in Canada. All parents are deceased and no siblings, her close friend who has access to her funds in American bank has ignored her pleas. Job in California is gone. Claims that she is special needs childrens teacher. Needs money to get the stones out of security.Phone gets stolen, she has health problems caused by stress, and spends time in hospital. Needs money to live and eat. Gets reduced sum to free up stones from security but only for a short time.Needs money for air fare, basic travel allowance. She then travels but gets turned back at airport in Holland...returned to Malaysia because of not enough paper work for stones. Needs money to get proper paper work and re buy airfare.Sells some stones and has $4500 deposited into my accopunt and I am to forward to her. I waited 24 hours to ensure monies were ok but a week later Bank calls and wants monies back as they are fraudulently taken from another account.Scammed me for $6000 plus I'm on the hook for $4500

Status of report:  is still without proof

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