Scam report about Margarita Kiselyova

First name:  Margarita
Last name:  Kiselyova
Age:  28
Location:  Russia - Birsk city & Moscow
On websites: - -
Report:  She has been emailing me since early April this year & still to this date . The emails are the same as to Brad in USA . Although I do have quite a few photos she has sent me . She has told me her work is closing down for 2 months & she doesn't want to spend this time alone , so she asked if she could come to Australia to meet me here but she is running out of money , as her flat was broken into & her granny's jewelery & an Icon from tsar 17 century were stolen . She had to pay for a new door for her flat , then pay more for VISA , then pay army garrison & now money is too low to get to Australia , Short by $491 USD for flights . She needs me to send her this 491 so she doesn't loose the cheap ticket , as this is the only way she can get to me . These are her words . She first contacted me threw email & still is the only way we chat . She never answers any questions I ask her & this is when I thought something was wrong .

Status of report:  is still without proof

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