SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Elizabeth Opare

First name: Elizabeth
Last name: Opare
Aka: Theresa Amoak
Age: 33
Location: Accra, Ghana
Phone: 233249499293
On websites: Yahoo Messenger
Report:     I was introduced to this woman through a friend of mine, who is being scammed by another listed on this Stop-Scammers site. My girl's name, on this list of scammers is, Elizabeth Opare. I know her as, Theresa Amoak. My friend's girl, on this list of scammers is, Enchill Abrhmms, but he knows her as, Rose Merry Locard. The two women appear to us as very close friends. Rose first appeared through Zoosk, then through Yahoo Messenger. Rose's friend needed a friend, which would be me. Rose's friend appeared as, Theresa. I befriended Theresa and fell for her sob story of being screwed by a man from Canada who was to marry her, but found out he was already married with 3 kids. She was sad, I felt sorry, so began the scam of my friend's friend. I, ultimately, sent this woman $1250.00 over a span of two weeks. What a schmuck I am. I knew better, but didn't invest in a wonderful Sam site like this until the stories got too rediculous from her. My friend, thank goodness, only sent 3 or 4 hundred before I found out about these girls through this site. The other girl, Rose, is very hot, as is Theresa, but Rose is screaming hot with looks. My friend and I were completely bamboozled by their beautiful looks and promises to be our younger ladies. We both were very close to putting out tons of money to get them over here to the states from Ghana. Wow!!! Thank God for your Stop-Scammers web site.
Status of report: is still without proof