SCAM REPORT ABOUT  ekaterina yarotskaya

First name: ekaterina
Last name: yarotskaya
Aka: sabantseva pederova
Age: 28
Location: serov russia ivdel russia
On websites:
Report:     I just recently came back from Moscow where I was suppose to meet her. That was in June and even though she stopped writing on May 8, I still went to Moscow because I had an interest to learn more about the country. She never asked me for money because early on I informed her that I was aware of the pattern of women asking for money. In addition, because of my legal background, I know that it IMPOSSIBLE for a Russian woman to come as a tourist. Only fiancee, marital, student and business visas are legal ways of entry. Ekaterina is a very intelligent person if in fact it's a woman writing the letters which I believe. Her letters were thoughtful and sweet. Telling me about her daily life and the tough life in Serov which I believe. She will tell you she helps her grandparents besides living with her mum(mother). She would always ask me why people do things to hurt earth like spitting on the ground or taking advantage the poor and old. She has great command of the English language and would not be surprise if she lives in America. It's hard to believe that a person would write daily emails for 5 months without asking for money. In fact she told me that money and power were not important to her ...only love with the right man. Maybe she felt that if I spent the money to come to Russia, that I was
Status of report: is still without proof