Scam report about Bisi Cole

First name:  Bisi
Last name:  Cole
Aka:  Dele Thomas
Age:  26
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
On websites:  Unknown
Report:  1. Bisi cole initiated contact with me 2. Contacted on I was then given an email address from which I was told to email her. 3. Correspondence lasted about a month 4.It seemed strange that the scammer claimed to have fallen in love with me as soon as she saw my profile on said website. Also, the first email I told me the scammer's name was Dele. After calling the scammer Dele a few times, I was told to call her Bisi because Dele was the name of her agent. 5. I was requested for money so that Bisi could afford a plane ticket from Nigeria to where I live in canada. 6. Bisi Cole requested the money transfer through Western Union and wanted it sent to the name Dele Thomas. The amount of money requested changed and I was told it was due to her not being able to sell her stuff. First amount requested was $1,500 USD. After I told her I could not afford that, she said $200 USD would be fine and she would afford the rest with her sold jewellery. Then I was requested $150 USD, then $100 USD. The last amount I was asked for was $900 USD. 7. I told this person that I was still unsure as to whether or not they were a scammer. After enough times, they got fed up and told me never to talk to them again because I was unreliable. I was informing my friend of this person for the duration of my correspondence and he sent me a link to this site where I found a scam letter that was exactly the same as the one I first recieved. This is was the solid proof I needed to confirm for myself that Bisi cole was a scammer. This report is the final result.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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