First name: Lisa
Last name: Johnson
Age: 18
Location: Malayasia
On websites: Yahoo
Report:     Hello mum, AM SO HAPPY TO HAVE YOU AS MY NEW MOTHER How are you doing? hope everything is doing fine with you,it's ME LISA JOHNSON the daughter of RICHARD JOHNSON your love.... I want you to know that my dad have told me a lot about you to me he say he really love you with all his heart, so mom I also want to let you know that since my dad love you very much with all his heart, I want you to know that i love you the way my dad do OK but mom please I want to know if you are a christian but I have always wanted a christian woman as my new mother, i will love you to be my mom forever and ever so will you be my mom forever, am happy for you and my dad to have found each other it a blessing for my dad to find an Angel like you to be my mom, am so happy and so glad that you are going to be my mom and above all am going to have a mom again and am going to call someone like you my mom and i promise to make you and my dad proud of me and i promise to take care of myself but I hope that dad may have told you about my situation and the problems are facing a a little girl growing up, my dad told me that you promise to help out in paying for my treatment and medicines, am so happy that you and my dad found each other and am also glad that you will be helping him out in paying for my treatment mom. Thank you very much for accepting to love my dad and me too. Am so happy to have you in our life mom and I do promise to do my assignments and i hope you will be here to help me if i need your help mum....Mom I also attach my some of my pictures so you can see me and I hope you love them.....Please mom download the pictures and take a look at them and tell me if you like them okay....I love you so much mom....i love you mum...bye for now........ mom am in Asia in Malaysia do my mom i will love to read your reply i want you to reply my mail back as soon as you read it.........can i call you mom now from now because it's been long since I call someone my mum and am so happy to have you as my mum......My friend do laugh at me that i don't have a mum and they always show me what their have brought for them so mum please love me as your own daughter......take care...........I LOVE you Yours Faithful, LISA JOHNSON 4 Attached files| 644KB Lisa picture 1.JPG Lisa picture 2.JPG Lisa picture 3.JPG Lisa picture 4.JPG
Status of report: is still without proof