Scam report about EKATERINA KATYA

First name:  EKATERINA
Last name:  KATYA
Age:  29
Location:  Chuvashia, Russia - Shaygildino Village
Address:  street Sovkhoznaya, house 7
On websites:  Meetic
Report:  This girl is named Ekaterina, but she likes to be named Katya. The contact was initiated by her, on 3 June 2012. She found my contact in MEETIC' web site. I correspond with her for 1 month moreless. She sent a lot of picture of her,and she says to be fall in love with me, but I never met her personally and she really only want money for documents and travel to Italy. She seems too much interested to me.... Initially she never request money to me, but after she wants absolutely to come soonest in Italy. I purpose to go myself in Russia to reach she, but she did'n want wait and she asked me 580 euros for documents... Then she asked me 420 euros for tickets to fly to Italy, because she was able to find 620 euros... She asked me this money for 3 or for times, and she needs them within 21 July for flight: she told me that she booked the tickets, but she never sent me a copy of the booking for them. I asked for 3 times a picture of she with her mother and a copy of her identity card, but she never sent me that. At the end I told her to wait me on Russia in the first week of august, instead to fly to Italy and I asked again a copy of her identity card, but she never replied me anymore from 11th July. I never sent her any money... I sent her other mails asking what's happened but she expired... So I concluded that she was a scammer!

Status of report:  is still without proof

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